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City Hall Spot Kalama’s Budget – What’s it all about?

Each fall as the Mayor, City Council and City Department heads begin the process of developing the Budget for the next year the question is always asked: "Where do we want to see Kalama in the future?" And then "How do we get there?" Each year’s budget has to look at how to maintain the existing services the citizens have come expect, and then how to grow Kalama for the future. Funds from all sources are becoming more limited and costs are continually rising not only for the City, but for its citizens.  The City would like to hear from its citizens on what they expect and want for the future of Kalama, and the public is invited to upcoming public hearings to do so.   More...


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  • Candidates Forum Candidates Forum

    Here's your opportunity to meet the candidates! September 18, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Community Building.

  • Mike Reynoldson Retiring Mike Reynoldson Retiring

    A surprise party was recently held for Mike Reynoldson, the City of Kalama's Building Inspector. While some of Mike's friends and family were waiting at the Community Building, Susan Junnikkala, the City's Permit Technician, contacted Mike.


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