The Community Building was built in 1937 by the WPA in the same location as the old Cowlitz County Court House. This building had been built in the early 1870s by the Lake Superior and Puget Sound Company.  It was a large three-story structure and served as the Court House for fifty years.

An emergency ordinance as passed by the Town of Kalama in October of 1936 for $18,000 to purchase the five lots from the County and to assist in building the new structure.

In September 1937, the Council minutes stated that a supplementary grant was being considered by the WPA to complete the building.

The building measured 80 x 90 feet with a basement.  It included an auditorium which could be used for a theater or as a dance floor, a room for the City office, one for a meeting room for civic clubs, and a kitchen.  The original vault from the Court House was built into the City office.

On April 6, 1938, the City accepted the donation of the library from the Kalama Women's Club and space was allowed for it in the new Community Building.

The upstairs has a room where the Boy Scouts held their meetings.

The Lion's Club held their meetings in the building for many years and did their part in the upkeep and repairs of it. Elizabeth Boatman and Ellen Engelman cooked for their dinner meetings.  Later Kallie Basso, Anita Bills, and Marge Hahn took over this job.

The Kalama Women's Club held meetings and other functions such as a flower show in the building.  Later, the Amalak Women's Club also held the carnivals here, which they sponsored.

The Firemen's Ball was a popular event held every year in November.

Many anniversary parties, family reunions, birthday parties and school dances, as well as funerals and weddings have been held here.  The Strawberry festivals held their coronations in the hall when the weather didn't permit them to be held outside.

More recently, the Head Start pre-school used the old library for their classroom.  Exercise classes have used the building and the Bluegrass festivals were held here for a couple years.  After the flood in 1996, the City office, library , and police used the building for a year.

At present, the Amalak Women's Club holds their first meeting of the month in the small meeting room and their second annual Tea and Style show was held in the large hall in April.

After the flood in December 2015, the City offices and Police Department again relocated to the Community Building.