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Electronic Billing and Auto Pay

Post Date:02/21/2020 2:30 PM

The City offers customers the ability to received their utility bills via email and to set up automatic payment on a credit card or by electronic payment from a bank account. The City does not monitor the auto payments for expiration dates of credit cards, changes to cards or accounts, as this is private information of the customer and their responsibility to monitor. Customers need to remember when they get a new card, or replace a card, or change accounts they need to update any and all auto payments related to that account. The autopay system does send out email notifications that payments are not being accepted or the credit card on file has expired, so it is important that customers read the emails related to the payments they schedule. Not changing the information or failing to heed the notices for rejected payments or late notices can lead to a delinquent account and disconnection of services. The City has recently experienced past due accounts due to credit/debit card expirations and the lack of attention to the notices that were issued by the system. Please be sure that you are receiving notices of payments and they are not going to a spam folder. City Staff can help customers to set up payments at the front counter or over the phone provided the customer’s payment information is entered by the customer. Staff is not allowed to take the information over the phone, set up, or update payment methods in the online system as it involves personal private information and opens the staff and the City up to potential liabilities.

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