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2020 Projected Revenues

Post Date:12/05/2019 9:34 AM

2020 Projected Revenues

On October 17th the City Council held a public hearing on the projected Revenues for 2020 explaining the proposed increases needed to continue providing the services to the citizens and community.   Included is a 1% increase to property taxes as allowed by law, 2% increases to the water, sewer and stormwater rates, and an increase to the water and sewer connection fees for new services.   Utility bills are based on consumption – below are examples of the difference between 2019 and 2020 Water/Sewer/Garbage/Stormwater bills for an average inside and outside customers.    

Inside User         

                  2019– 600 CBF = 168.63          2020 Bill – 170.89      Difference 2.26mth/27.12yr

                             1000 CBF = 220.56          2020 Bill – 227.00      Difference 6.44mth/77.28yr

Outside water user  

                   2019 - 600 CBF = 47.44            2020 Bill - 48.48         Difference 1.04/12.48 yr

                               1000 CBF = 64.69            2020 Bill - 66.16         Difference 1.47/17.64 yr

 A Home valued at $322,760 paid $511.17 in City property taxes in 2019 which is 14.3% of their total property tax bill. That is about $1.40 per day for the household to pay for Police, Streets, Parks, Library, Planning, and other City operating costs. Property valuations all went up in 2019 so there will be an increase in the taxes we all pay. Estimating this home value increased $50,000 this property owner would pay an additional $41.36 in city taxes in 2020. 

          Why does the City need to increase the utility rates and the property taxes?  The City incurs the pains of inflation just like every business and citizen.  The costs of doing business continue to rise including wages, employee benefits, supplies, and materials.    In order to continue to provide the services the citizens want and need or are required by law and to meet the needs of maintaining the facilities and infrastructure the City needs to increase rates and fees.   The utilities only pay for utility costs and are not available for other city services.   Tax revenues from property taxes, sales taxes, utility taxes and other taxes or fees are used for  providing services that include public safety, police, street maintenance, administrative operating costs, legislative/executive functions, library services, and parks.  

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