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Staff Directory


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PO Box 1007                                                SO THE PROPER PERSONNEL CAN BE CONTACTED.
195 N. First Street
Kalama WA 98625
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Drabek, BryceCrewman
Griggs, Gary CrewmanPublic Works(360) 673-3706
Herrera, RalphPolice ChiefAdministration , Building, Community Building, Finance, Library, Public Works(360) 673-2165
Junnikkala, Susan Building/Planning ClerkBuilding, Finance, Planning(360) 673-5211
Marriott, KrystallPolice ClerkPolice(360) 673-2165
McMaster, ConiClerk/TreasurerAdministration , Finance(360) 673-4561
Mirenta, KileyUtility ClerkFinance(360) 673-4554
Moon, ChadField SupervisorPublic Works(360) 673-3706
Neill, CaitlynPolice OfficerAdministration , Building, Community Building, Finance, Library, Public Works(360) 673-2165
Owen, ButchWastewater Treatment Plant OperatorPublic Works(360) 673-4570
Parker, StevePolice SergeantPolice(360) 673-2165
Rasmussen, Kelly Superintendent of Public WorksAdministration , Public Works(360) 673-3706
Reuter, Mike MayorAdministration (360) 673-4561
Ross, StevePolice OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Skeie, JeffPolice OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Smee, Adam City AdministratorAdministration , Finance, Public Works(360) 673-3265
Smith, JeanBuilding CaretakerCommunity Building(360) 673-4565
Taylor, JustinPolice OfficerPolice(360) 673-2165
Thomas, LouiseLibrarianLibrary(360) 673-4568
VanSkike, TravisCrewmanPublic Works(360) 673-3706