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New City Logo, Vision and Mission Statements Adopted

Post Date:11/16/2018 4:36 PM

The City Council adopted a City Vision and Mission statement and an official logo for Kalama based on the results of a public ballot.    A Committee worked together early in the year to develop drafts of a vision and mission statements for the City.   This is not a new idea as the foundation was made years ago by the Kalama KCAP committee and has been desired by many with the City over the years.   There were two graphic artists on the committee that developed a couple of options for logos.   As there was a native quality to the fish in one design, the local tribes were approached to ensure they would not be offended or object to the use.   While the tribes could not officially approve the drawing, they did appreciate being asked and have no objections.    The final step was to put the options to the public for a vote.   Online a survey monkey ballot was posted on the website and facebook, while paper ballots were available at the City Hall and Kalama Public Library. After two weeks the ballots were counted and the results were presented to the City Council.    The Council adopted the options that received the most votes.

 Vision:   Kalama honors its legacy of community pride, rich heritage, and natural beauty while embracing growth and economic prosperity.  

  Mission:  Kalama will continue to enhance our vibrant and uniquely beautiful city by encouraging stewardship and creating economic development opportunities for the benefit of future generations.    

The City thanks all the Committee Members:  Linda Dolph, Hillary Elliott, Joy Greenberg, April Hoffman, Matthew Merz, Ericka Moon, Taryn Nelson, Liz Newman, Daniel Polacek, Jennifer Steward, and to Councilmember Sandra Macias-Hughes who facilitated the committee meetings and City Staff member Coni McMaster.   

 The Kalama Branding Work Group Project

Comparative Questions - Ballot as presented to the public





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